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Examples of Sanctions in a Texas anti-SLAPP, TCPA, CASE

Texas anti-SLAPP, TCPA

Written by Robert Ray

I am a Texas attorney. I am Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Examples of Sanctions in a Texas anti-SLAPP, TCPA, CASE

This list will be an expanding list. When a court references the amount of mandatory sanctions in a Texas anti-SLAPP, TCPA, case, the case will be listed here. This list will give you examples of the amount and kind of sanctions a trial court may award.

Sanctions may be equal to attorney’s fees

A trial court may award mandatory sanctions that equal the amount of mandatory attorney’s fees it awards. Landry’s, Inc. v. Animal Legal Defense Fund, 14-17-00207-CV,  __ S.W.3d__, 2018 WL 5075116, (Tex. App.-Houston [14th Dist.] Oct. 18, 2018, no pet. h.).

As for the sanctions, we hold that the trial court’s award of $450, 000 in sanctions is excessive. We suggest remittitur to reduce the amount of sanctions to an amount equal to that of the trial attorneys’ fees awarded. Specifically, we suggest remittitur of $146, 814.74 from the $250, 000.00 awarded to ALDF and $128, 705.00 from the $200, 000.00 awarded to Conley, bringing those awards respectively to $103, 191.26 and $71, 295.00 (which were the amount of attorney’s fees awarded to the two parties).

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