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Change of direction

Change of direction for

Written by Robert Ray

I am a Texas attorney. I am Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.


New Direction

I am changing this blog to focus on the average attorney handling average cases that might occasionally file or encounter a Texas anti-slap motion.


My original intent on this site was to post information about most of the Texas anti-slap cases that were being decided by the courts.

That intent was overwhelmed by the large number of cases being decided, particularly those dealing with large business versus large business suits, or cases in the employment area concerning trade secrets, non compete agreements etc.

There are many good blogs that cover those cases and the impact they have on large business litigation or employment law litigation. They do a very good job of dissecting those cases. There is no need for me to discuss the same cases.

Therefore, from here on out, this blog will just deal with cases that will be of interest to the average attorney handling the average case. I think that covers about 70% of all lawsuits so there is a need in that area that I do not see being fulfilled.

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